Nutrition strategies that

every endurance athlete needs

to REALISE their potential


It’s hard core, but not knowing this information will cause you to lose muscle mass, be more susceptible to illness and experience more fatigue than you really need to.


Who is Matt Lovell?

Matt Lovell - Elite Sports Nutritionist


Matt Lovell is an Elite Sports Nutritionist, he has worked with the England Rugby Team since 2002 taking them to 2 World Cup Finals.


He is also currently working with the UK Athletics team as they prepare for the Olympic Games in London in2012.


Endurance athletes have to put in just about more training time than any other group of athletes that I work with. They are very dedicated and committed.


As a group their nutrition and diet is the poorest that I see.


An athlete is only ever going to be as good as the FUEL THAT GOES INTO THE TANK.


When I look at the nutrition diaries of most of my endurance athletes what strikes me is how NARROW their food choices are and how their diet is invariably underpinned by massive amounts of Pasta, Potatoes , Bread and Rice.


Often nutrition athletes particularly cyclists and tri athletes invest a FORTUNE on their equipment and pay scant regard to their nutrition.


Don’t get me wrong just about every endurance athlete knows that they need to keep hydrated and consume carbs usually in the form of energy bars and gels.


That’s the basics it’s just like breathing you should be doing that automatically.


I’ve decided to write a specailised book that my endurance athletes can review before they come to see me for consultations, it saves us both a lot of time and brings our consultations to a higher level faster.


In the book I share some of my tricks, cover the basics and introduce some advanced strategies that they can put to work now to improve performance.


Why ELIMINATING PASTA could be the best thing you do this YEAR!


Shock horror


Yes’ it’s true pasta could be hindering your performance and I recommend pretty much all my athletes to eliminate it from their diet. I’ll tell you why.




Most athletes have an aversion to fat, we’ve been brainwashed to think that dietry fat is bad for us. It’s just not the case at all.


• Every cell membrane of our bodies is made up of fat.


• Our nerves rely on fat surrounding them to help conduct the electrical impulses.


• You need fat to lose fat.


• Why VIRGIN ORGANIC COCONUT OIL should be your fat of choice.


• How some fats are burned like carbs.


• How intramuscular fat is a more efficient than muscle glycogen.


• How elite athletes LEGALLY alter their OWN FUEL mix.


• 4 other GOOD fats you need to be eating REGULARLY.




Your body can function really well without carbs but ELIMINATE PROTEIN and your headed for muscle wastage and illness.


Just about every endurance athlete I have ever worked with has needed to increase their protein consumption. Many endurance athletes treat protein with suspicion. One athlete told me ‘ I don’t want to look like the incredible hulk’.


In my book I’ll explain the following


• How protein help boosts your immune system and stops you getting ill


• How eating protein protects your muscle mass and stops you CANIBALISING YOURSELF


• Why protein alone won’t cause gains in muscle mass.


Do you notice how some athletes rarely get ill and others are always coming down with something


Some simple nutritional strategies can help boost your immune system protecting you from illness and missing weeks from your training schedules. You need to know this stuff as missing training hurts in all sorts of ways.


What and how you eat straight after training is MORE important than what you eat before and during.


In isolation what you eat after is not going to affect your performance on race day, however if you don’t have a ROCK SOLID POST TRAINING PROTOCOL it’s going to lead to over training or as I like to say UNDER RECOVERY.


If you don’t RECOVER adequately then you won’t be ready for your next session and that’s the trigger for OVER TRAINING.


Lots of serious athletes WANT to train harder and longer and this area alone hinders their progress not to mention affecting their MOODS. Has your partner ever complained that you are MOODY, GRUMPY, SHORT TEMPERED, IRRITABLE. Poor Nutrition and inadequate recovery really can effect your mood.


Why BRANCH CHAIN AMINO ACIDS are the next big thing in endurance nutrition


Traditionally nutritionists and coaches have thought that performance tailed off towards the back end of races because carbohydrate stores were depeleted.


Scientific studies and detailed BIOCHEMISTRY has found that this may not be the case.


The simple version is this


As you exercise and your carb stores start to deplete and your body starts using fat and BCAA’s as a fuel.


These changes cause tryptophan (an amino acid) levels to rise. Tryptophan is an amino acid that when converted to serotonin helps you sleep and makes you feel tired


Consuming BCAA’s stops the tryptophan from having its effect.


Thus delaying the onset of fatigue.


This phenomena is called the Central Fatigue Theory expect more info to be released about this in coming years, it conveys significant performance advantages.


100% Money-Back Guarantee: Try out the information in my book for 8 weeks. If you are not satisfied with it in any way within those 56 days, just let me know. I'll send you a complete refund, no questions asked. The risk is on me to deliver, and you to apply.


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